Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken? YES – Chicken Is Good For Chows

Chicken or poultry is one of the primary ingredients for making processed dog food. It is rich in protein and very flavorful. Considering this, the question now is, can Chow Chows Eat Chicken?

Suppose you are planning to add chicken to your Chow Chow’s diet or just having a second thought about giving the chicken that you are currently holding to your dog. In that case, this article is for you. It’s a given that pets are precious to us. 

At the end of this article, you should be able to answer whether Chow Chow can eat chicken or not and discover other protein alternatives to chicken. 

Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken? 

So, Can Chow Chow eat chicken or not? Generally, the answer would be yes, Chow Chows can eat chicken. But still, it depends on the given situation and the circumstances revolving around your dog and that juice piece of meat itself. 

Chow chows can eat chicken
Chow chows can eat chicken

Cooked chicken is healthy, highly nutritious, and safe for MOST dogs to eat, including the Chow Chow. It is also a good source of the components mentioned above, specifically Protein and Fat

Chicken is considered lean meat and offers plenty of benefits to Chow Chows. It will help build muscles and help maintain your dog’s muscle mass. It also gives your dog much more robust, denser bones resulting in better health and well-being. 

Why Chicken is Good for Your Chow Chows?

Chicken meat is the right, healthy choice for your Chow Chow’s diet. A healthy diet results in good nutrition. 

Chicken is Good for Your Chow Chows
Chicken is Good for Your Chow Chows

Good nutrition allows your dog to grow, develop, and remain active throughout its whole life. It will give them the necessary muscle tone and body strength, beautiful skin and coat, better immunity against sickness, and finally, it will give them better well-being. 

Here are some key components that make Chicken meat so good for your dogs. 

  • Proteins – Proteins are essentially the building blocks of your dog’s body. They are made up of amino acids and are a significant element for your Chow Chow’s muscle, hair, skin, and internal organs. 

Proteins are also integral for antibody and hormone production to improve your dog’s immunity against diseases and their overall health. 

  • Fats – While most owners fear this macronutrient, fat is another important component for your dog’s health. Fats are your dog’s primary source of energy. They also provide insulation and cushioning. 

Fats are also essential to healthy hormone production, absorption of key fat-soluble vitamins from food, and a vigorous cell structure. However, too much fat will also render your dog unhealthy as it might cause obesity which will most likely result in diabetes, arthritis, and certain kinds of cancer.

  • Vitamins & Minerals- Vitamins and minerals round out a dog’s balanced diet. Regular intake in the right quantities of the pair regulates healthy metabolism, immunity, and nerve function. While almost always taken in the same context, the two are widely different in terms of their make-up and functions. 

Vitamins are organic substances that are important to convert calories to energy while giving the immune system a boost and assisting countless other bodily processes. Minerals, on the other hand, are inorganic nutrients whose main function is to assist in growth while producing sturdy bones and healthy teeth.

How to Prepare Chicken for Your Chow Chow

The best way to give chicken to your dog is to add cooked and unseasoned chicken meat along with its regular food. 

To prepare it, you need to get 3 boneless and skinless chicken breasts inside a medium-size pot. Next, fill the pot with water until it fully submerged all the chicken breasts. Just make sure not to put seasonings as it might cause your dog to get sick. 

Finally, boil the chicken for at least 12 minutes on high heat. When it is fully cooked, put the chicken on a plate and shred it into tiny pieces. If boiling is not your thing, you can also choose to roast, poach, grill, or bake the chicken meat if you want.

You can then give the chicken to your Chow Chow as a treat or add it to its regular meal. 

Protein Alternatives for Chow Chow

Aside from chicken, there are also other kinds of meat that are both rich in protein and very delicious for your dog to eat. They are: 

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Shrimp
  • Fish

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to give raw Chicken to Chow Chows?

Generally, yes. However, it is highly advisable to only give cooked chicken to your dog to lessen the risk of salmonella and other bacterial infections.

When can a Chow Chow Eat Chicken

You can choose to either give your Chow Chow chicken meat as a treat anytime or as a part of their regular meal. In a broader sense, Chow Chows should eat chicken whenever they need to supplement their protein and fat intake.

When Can’t a Chow Chow Eat Chicken

You should not let your Chow Chow eat chicken when they’re allergic or intolerant to it. You will know that these are the case as your dog may appear weak and sick. Your pet might also start vomiting or even develop rashes. You also shouldn’t let your Chow Chow eat chicken with lots of bones and skin as they are choking hazards to your dog. 

Finally, your Chow Chow can’t eat chicken if they’re overweight as chicken meat is rich in fat and protein, and those are two of the last things that your dog needs more of. 


In conclusion, Yes, Chow Chow can eat Chicken. Chicken meat is highly nutritious and will greatly complement your pet’s protein, fat, vitamin, & mineral intake. Just make sure to give cooked, unseasoned, and deboned chicken meat to make it safer for your dog to eat.

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