Can Pugs Eat Broccoli? Yes, They Can Eat Draw Or Cooked Broccoli

Let’s me ask you one question and you have 5s to answer, if you fail to answer it, this article is for you. Now: Can Pugs Eat Broccoli? And will they eat it?

Can Pugs Eat Broccoli?
Can Pugs Eat Broccoli?

As humans, we’re used to eating on average three times a day, and whatever we like.

Although we often have a set routine of eating, for example, oatmeal for breakfast, and potatoes and broccoli for lunch, we don’t have to stick to the ordinary.

We know that when we open the fridge or go to the store, we still have a lot more options than just porridge, or for that matter – broccoli. 

But what do you feed a starving pug?

Do you really have to stick to the same dog food for every meal? And if I want and can eat broccoli, can they?

We’re responsible for what goes into our pets’ bodies. I’d be happy to leave my pantry open so my little one could go and grab himself whatever he desires, but frankly, that’d do more harm than good.

Looking at the sad dog crisps in his bowl, I started to wonder – would it be possible to implement my favorite foods into my little one’s diet, too?

Can Pugs Really Eat Broccoli?

I was making roasted vegetables a few weeks back.

I was in the middle of cutting up the broccoli when a piece of the green vegetable fell on the floor and my Pug, hungry as he always is, ran to remove it from my feet.

Before I knew it, he had swallowed the chunk and was wiggling his tail happily. I threw my vegetables into the oven and decided to research more about it.

So, Can Pugs Eat Broccoli?

In short, Pugs can and will eat broccoli, no matter if it’s raw or cooked. If no oils or spices are added to the vegetable, you can let your pug eat broccoli.

Unfortunately, some pugs are not able to eat roasted broccoli if you had added seasonings to it.

How Broccoli Will Benefit Your Pug?

Although Pugs are perfectly fine with only a small amount of veggies, an occasional green treat can have an advantage to your pooch’s health.

Broccoli Contains Loads Of Vitamins

I remember how, as a kid, my mom would go on and on about how I should finish my broccoli, and I never wanted to.

How Broccoli Will Benefit Your Pug?
How Broccoli Will Benefit Your Pug?

I had tasted food better than that, and I didn’t understand why she was pressuring me with just this one vegetable.

Broccoli contains loads of vitamins and nutrients, and is ever considered to be a superfood because of that! It has everything from Vitamin K, C, and B to Fiber, Potassium, and Calcium.

No wonder my mom wanted me to have the benefits of the green magic!


Broccoli Strengthens The Bones

The one nutrient that sticks out the most is Vitamin K. If you’re not sure what Vitamin K is good for, I don’t blame you – even I had to Google it.

Turns out, Vitamin K has been known to promote the strength of your dog’s bones. One cup of broccoli has 245% of the daily value of Vitamin K, which is crucial not only for your loved one but also for you.

Broccoli Helps Your Dog’s Immune System

Packed with Vitamin C, broccoli is especially helpful among the older-age Pugs.

There is a controversy about the question of whether Pugs need Vitamin C or not.

That’s because dogs can naturally produce the vitamin, unlike humans. That’s why we need to keep eating our citruses to stay healthy, while our pup will be strong without them.

However, as your Pug matures, he might start producing Vitamin C less effectively.

Older Pugs are more likely to have illnesses, which Vitamin C has been known to fight.

Broccoli Will Lower The Cholesterol In Dogs

Broccoli Will Lower The Cholesterol In Dogs
Broccoli Will Lower The Cholesterol In Dogs

Similar to you and me, the levels of cholesterol start rising quietly as your Pug crows up. [1]

The vets rarely test for it. Luckily, broccoli can help with that!

The green superfood has been proven to increase cholesterol in both humans and dogs.

Thanks to its high soluble fiber content, broccoli will remove the cholesterol from your Pug’s system.

Alongside broccoli, there are a few other fruits that might help your aging pup – for example, pineapples, strawberries, oranges, apples, and nuts.

Broccoli Promotes A Healthy Dog Heart

Potassium is known to benefit a healthy heart.

Although bananas are famous for containing plenty of Potassium, you shouldn’t underestimate broccoli.

Potassium is an electrolyte mineral that is necessary for many bodily functions, the most important of them being the well-being of the heart. So go on, and feed your Pug some broccoli!

What To Keep In Mind About Broccoli

Although broccoli sounds like the new best thing for your dog, there are some factors you should consider beforehand.

Keep It Moderate

Broccoli also contains a potentially dangerous ingredient isothiocyanate, which can cause your Pug to have mild to severe gastric irritations.

That being said, broccoli should not harm your pup, if the vegetable doesn’t take up more than 10 percent of his daily intake.

Your Pug Might Choke

It is not a secret that Pugs are not the biggest of all the dogs.

That’s why it is especially important to cut up the broccoli into bite-size pieces, and stay on a watch while your pup eats to spot any negative reactions.

Cutting the vegetable to pieces also helps you to measure the amount your Pug eats.

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Broccoli Might Cause Diarrhea In Pugs

To keep our system going and poop happy, we need a lot of fiber., which broccoli has loads of.

Dogs, on the other hand, don’t need as much of it as we do.

Even though a healthy amount of fiber is still good for your Pug, too much of it can cause big changes in his stool habits, and end up with your pooch having diarrhea.

So should You Feed Your Pug Broccoli?

As it will definitely help to keep your Pug healthy, make sure to watch your loved one carefully when you first give him a taste of broccoli.

If after the first bite he looks back at you with big happy eyes and a wiggling tail, just like mine, you should not have a reason to worry.

Most Pugs should be okay with small quantities of the dark green superfood. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a watch on him and the way reacts to a new treat.

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