Top 7 Small Indian Dog Breeds That Stay Small For Pets (With Pictures)

Are you looking for Indian dog breeds that stay small? Does dog size also matter to you? Do you live in a cramped space like condominiums or apartments? If yes, then you need to consider the right size pet before buying. 

There are many breeds that are perfect for those looking for small-sized dogs, such as Maltese, Toy Poodle, and many more.

But, not every dog is suitable for all families. It would be best if you choose the right dog that is perfect for you.

Therefore, we have made a list of the top 7 small Indian dog breeds that are differently good in their own ways. You will find everything you should know about these miniature breeds in this article. 

What Are Small Indian Dog Breeds?

Small Indian dog breeds are small to medium-sized dogs that come in different sizes, easy to train, and remain puppy-sized forever. But not every small dog is as little as it can fit in your pocket. They stay smaller in size in comparison to other Indian dog breeds, even when they are adults. 

Unless you are looking for a guard dog, these small or miniature dogs will be a great addition to your family as they are easier to maintain and look after.

The small dog size won’t be as small as a chihuahua or pug. It will be small in comparison to other Indian dog breeds.

Indian dog breeds are the tallest compared to other countries’ dog breeds. The seven dogs on our list are bred in India, and some even have Indian origins.

Let’s discuss how the breeds look like, their inherited health concerns, if any, how much they cost, and more things about each in detail:

TOP 7 Small Indian Dog Breeds That Stay Small

What is the smallest Indian dog breed? The smallest Indian dog breed is Indian Spitz. It keeps the records for 25 to 35 cm or 9.8 to 13.6 inches when they reach adult size.

Another breed that you can consider as nearly the smallest Indian dog breed is Mahratta Greyhound (4 inches larger than the Indian Spitz). They are original from  

Small Indian Dog BreedsSize (smallest to larger)AppearanceCost
Pandikona19-24 inchesLarge, pointy ears and curly tailN/A
Kaikadi15-18 inchesLong ears, thin, long legs$75 – $300
Indian Spitz11-15 inchesMilky coat, fair tail$30 – $125
Kombai21-28 inchesReddish-brown fur with a black muzzle$75 – $140
Mahratta Greyhound21-22 inchesTan, dark bluish fur$30 – $125
Tangkhul Hui22-26 inchesPricked ear, curled back tail$250 – $1400
Indian Pariah18-25 inches Short, dense double coat$50 – $100


Small asian dog breed: Pandikona dog
Small asian dog breed: Pandikona dog Source: Everybody wiki

According to Everybody Wiki, Pandikona are average height dogs ranging from  19- 24 inches (adult) and originated in Andhra Pradesh.

They are not so friendly dogs but can be great guarding and hunting dogs. If you need a guard dog at your home, Pandikona can be a great companion. 

They are athletic and healthy dogs that eat around 3-4 servings daily. Avoid feeding them more than four times else it will lead to obesity. 

Pandikona are rarely available to buy.


Kaikadi are the rarest Indian dog breed that is only found in Maharashtra. As per Wikipedia statistics, Kaikadi are small heightened dogs standing between 15 to 18 inches in height. 

These sighthounds have their origin in India.

Kaikadi dogs are highly affectionate and playful. They go along well with kids and the elderly. 

These dogs are low shredders and extremely easy to train and eat 2-3 servings in a day.

Indian Spitz

The Indian Spitz is the smallest dog of these all. They are super friendly with the family, other dogs, and strangers too. According to Wikipedia, Indian Spitz have a height between 13 – 15 inches (male) and 11-13 inches (female) as adults. 

Indian Spitz is a miniature dog that usually does well with children, adults, and other household pets. 

They have an average life span of 12 years and require grooming and bathing once every two weeks. Three bowls a day are good enough for a 3-6 month puppy and two meals a day when they get older than one year. 

Indian Spitz costs somewhere between $30 – $124.


Kombai are not that small in height, and they are a bit medium heightened, which ranges from 21 inches to 28 inches as per Wikipedia.

Kombai is an Indian Bore Hound that originated in Tamil Nadu, India.

They are not ideal pet dogs rather hunting dogs. Though they are highly affectionate, dogs can develop close bonds with owners in no time. 

A Kombai dog needs a serving every 4 hours, generally four meals a day.

Mahratta Greyhound

Mahratta Greyhound
Challenge Magazine — Mahratta Greyhound

According to statistics stated on Wikipedia, Mahratta Greyhounds are 21 inches to 22 inches tall. 

It is a sighthound dog that has origins in India.

Mahratta Greyhound is an affectionate, playful, and pleasant breed that will mingle well with your family. Also, if you have children and older adults, they are great companions. 

They prefer to eat high-quality dry food twice a day. 

Tangkhul Hui

As per Dog Breed Info, these dogs are not that long and are 22 inches – 26 inches tall. 

It is an extremely rare dog breed that can only be found in its original areas, i.e., Manipur state, India. 

According to Indian Mythology, they evolved from Asiatic black bears and now come under one of the endangered breeds in India. 

They are very obedient and friendly to their family members but can be opposite to strangers. 

Indian Pariah

Information on Wikipedia about Indian Pariah states that they are not very tall and generally stay between 18-25 inches in height throughout their life. 

The Indian Pariah dog originated from Indian Continent.

If you familiarize Indian Pariah with your family, they will be extremely friendly and caring. They are sometimes territorial and dominant but only to strangers. 

Indian Pariahs do not require much maintenance, and luckily, they possess minimum inherited disorders or diseases. 

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Do All Indian Dog Breeds Friendly with Kids?

If you are also a dog lover, you can pet any dog and get your kids along quickly. However, some breeds are more dominant and territorial. But once you get to know you or get familiar with the surrounding, they can be as friendly as you can be. Little guidance and training by a professional or an adult family member, dogs excel wonderfully to get along with older adults and children. 

Any dog can be family-friendly. There are trainers available who can train them properly. But, if you want specific amiable Indian dog breeds, then Tangkhul Thai and Indian Spitz are most obedient and playful.

They can even cheer you up when you are sad as they get very close to their owners in no time. You can go through the details about a dog’s friendliness before taking them to your house to ensure their reliability with kids. Obviously, you don’t want a pet who doesn’t have a jovial and playful personality around your kids. 

Pro Tip: Don’t leave your puppies unsupervised around kids if they are not fully trained. 

Can You Keep All Indian Dog Breeds As Pets?

Dogs are incredibly loyal, smart, and obedient pets. When it comes to Indian dog breeds, they are still dogs. They are loving and friendly too. Even a mad dog won’t bite you without any given reason. Dogs easily innate love for their owners and those who pet them. All they need is care, attention, and petting, and they will keep you in their hearts forever. Of all pet animals, dogs are most affectionate as they develop close bonds quickly and stay loyal forever.

If you are a pet parent for the first time, Indian Dog Breeds can make an excellent choice for petting. Even if children and older adults are around, they do not harm and can get together easily. Some breeds are not so friendly to strangers, but once they get familiar, they get attached promptly. 

Most Indian dog breeds are extremely rare to find, so it is impossible to keep them as pets. Some breeds such as Indian pariah and Indian Spitz can be easily available for everyone to pet. 

Are There Small Indian Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed?

Well, as a matter of fact, all dogs shed hair. Some do it often and others not so frequently. But they all do. Also, with special grooming, you can help them shed as minimal as possible. Certain Indian dog breeds like Indian Spitz have a shedding problem, but dogs like Indian Pariah, Kaikadi are extremely low shredders. 

Shedding is natural. Dogs shed more fur in the summer season. If you don’t want dogs’ hair littering everywhere, you can get their hair completely trimmed. Also, take your pet for regular check-ups and grooming sessions to avoid hair shedding allergies. 

Wrapping Up

Although Indian dog breeds are often tall, a few breeds are small and medium-size. We have mentioned seven out of those and shed some light on their appearance, appetite, and temperament. Every dog has a different character, but they are all friendly, especially around kids. 

Some parents are more conscious of leaving their children around dogs. They can hire a trainer for their dog, or you can select one of the most friendly Indian dog breeds for petting. I hope this article helps you. Have a Pawfect Day!

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