Can Chow Chows Eat Bananas?

Bananas without their peel are perfectly safe for chows and can be beneficial for keeping your pet in good health.

This means that chow chows can eat bananas even daily, as this fruit can be a delightful snack for dogs as well, not only for humans.

However, because they contain large amounts of fiber, which can lead to indigestion, bananas should never replace entire meals for chows.

Chow chows can eat bananas

Bananas are full of fibers, vitamins, and minerals, which are keeping your chows digestion healthy and regular. This is the main reason why healthy chow chows can eat bananas regularly in moderate amounts, despite the fruit’s high sugar content.

Chow chows can eat bananas
Chow chows can eat bananas

What fruits can chow chows eat?

Chow chow diet

A dog’s diet should consist of at least 50% of protein, and it’s especially true for chow chows.

Once bred for hunting, this breed’s diet consisted mainly of carbs, such as rice, and only partially from protein sources.

Since the chow’s lifestyle changed, they need far fewer carbs because they are less active.

A little bit of here and there won’t harm them, but try to make it nutritious.

Benefits of bananas for chow chows

chow chow can eat banana
chow chow can eat banana


Carbohydrates give your chow the energy to exercise and the fiber to stay healthy.

Puppy chows need more energy for their growing bodies, which means they will need more carbs in their diet.

As they grow older, they will need less and less since they only benefit from the fiber.


Carbs aren’t the only things your chow needs to move enough. Potassium plays a huge role in making your dog’s heart, muscles, and nerves muscle properly.

And bananas could be a healthy source of potassium intake for chow chows.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C

Vitamin B6 is a vitamin that has various benefits for your dog, from aiding their growth to keeping their immune system healthy.

Raw food, such as bananas, is an excellent source of B6.

Vitamin C helps your chow fight off any infection easily, and it will need it, especially when it’s getting older.

Introducing bananas to chow chows 

Although you should always introduce new meals to your chow slowly to allow your dog to adjust, tackling bananas won’t be a problem.

Your dog will probably eat bananas right away, and you will only have to watch the amounts.

With puppies, you can give bananas as a new treat, added to the existing meals.

With adults, you will have to remove some from the current food as you add the bananas.

Tips on giving bananas to chow chows

How to give bananas to a chow chow

Chow chows will eat a banana raw but will like it even more as chips so they can chew on it. And your chow will probably ask for more.

However, this breed digestion can be a little sensitive.

For this reason, you should only give a small amount at a time because your dog will throw up from too many carbs. 

When to give bananas to a chow chow

Ideally, you should treat your chow with bananas between meals, not instead of meals.

Wait at least two hours after a meal to give this snack, then use it as a motivation treat to teach your chow tricks.

Although, if your dog has an upset stomach, banana chips may settle it, whereas dog food won’t.

It’s the only time that bananas can replace a meal for a chow.

When not to give bananas to a chow chow

Never give bananas to a chow that has diarrhea, as it will only aggravate the problem.

Chow chows in need of weight loss should also be given a healthier snack, for the bananas have too much sugar in them. If your pet has any heart or kidney problems, you should ask your vet if bananas are allowed in its diet.

If you notice that it affects their digestion negatively, limit or stop your chow chows banana intake until it’s necessary.

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