Why Do Chow Chows Sleep a Lot? Understand It Right

Chow Chow is a reliable dog breed that has an attractive bear-like face with an eye-catchy coat. You can not forget the protective and playful attitude once you have enjoyed some time with a Chow.

It is the most ancient dog breed that has a good reputation for modern pet culture.

With its bold personality, some breeders and owners claim that Chows have less energy and sleep much more than other dogs.

In this writing, we reveal the sleep habit and present appropriate data regarding its sleeping issues. It covers the manner of a baby and adult Chows.

Why Do Chow Chows Sleep So Much?

Why Do Chow Chows Sleep So Much?
Why Do Chow Chows Sleep So Much?

Why do you sleep? To get refreshment and recharge your body. 

Chows also sleep for the same reason. Research and studies show that sleep helps you to recharge energy and get refreshment. Sleep also keeps animals healthy and functions well for the entire day.

The sleeping habit is a common activity related to health for domestic animals and you can not say that Chows sleep so much.

There is a myth that Chows sleep all day and night. It is not authentic information. The truth is that a baby Chow sleeps a lot from birth to the end of the baby period.

An adult Chow sleeps less than other dogs. If you compare Chows with other breeds, then it will be clear to you.

However, during infancy, it is common to sleep more than 12 hours. Veterinary science examines this as a common issue.

The daily sleep routine is connected to the day to day task of your Chow. If it does a lot of exercises and plays with you for a long time, it will be tired and sleep long hours for refreshment.

Another important thing is that different animals have a distinct sleeping habit.

Why Do Baby Chows Sleep So Much?

Why Do Baby Chows Sleep So Much?
Why Do Baby Chows Sleep So Much?

Do you know how many hours an infant sleeps? A newborn baby generally sleeps 16 to 20 hours in 24 hours. 

So, why does a baby Chow sleep a lot? It’s because they are newborn puppies and if you didn’t experience this before, you might worry about the sleeping hours.

From 0 to 12 weeks, newborns are obtaining the capability to sleep during the night. 

It might be different for animals like Chows. A dog has a different sleeping nature because of its extra protective attitude.

If you talk with a more experienced Chow Chow owner, you will learn about the sleeping habit.

Puppies try to understand the surroundings and adjust its body to day and night.

During day time, puppies sleep because it covers the energy level and helps them to get refreshment. The sleeping lap can be around half an hour to two hours

Besides, at night baby Chows are not likely to sleep for a long period of 6 or 10 hours. It is the same problem a baby gets during the night.

At the age of 16 weeks, they will become used to sleeping at night, and the sleeping lap decreases day by day.

Furthermore, the sleeping period and nature are different for every breed. It is better to understand the sleeping needs of a Chow. And don’t compare it with other dog breeds.

Adult Chows Are Sleep Less Than Babies

Baby chows sleep more than adults
Baby chows sleep more than adults

Like human beings, pets sleep less when they are adults.

As we discussed, baby Chow needs more sleep for its adjustment to the surroundings.

To understand this matter, you have to compare the sleeping hours for a baby and adult Chow. An adult Chow can sleep at night and day according to its need.

The sleeping hours depend on the activity of your pet. As more as it works in the day, it requires more sleep.

You will notice that an adult Chow gets a standard sleeping habit and uses sleep at the same time for the rest of the life.

However, you have to be conscious about the sleeping place and make sure that it is comfortable enough.

If your adult Chow sleeps on your bed or bedroom, you don’t disturb it during the sleeping lap.

Without sound sleep, the Chow will get stress and become aggressive for the whole day.

So, you have to decide first whether you will permit them in the bedroom or not. Otherwise, the sleeping lap will be hampered by you.

Remember, adult Chow sleep less than a baby Chow, and it will be destructive to create obstacles during its sleeping hours.

Problem If Adult Chows Sleep Too Much

If you don’t want to create several health issues for the Chow Chow, you have to observe the sleeping and wake schedule of the dog.

In general, dogs sleep regularly, and the schedule is maintained every day. A sudden change in this schedule can create serious health issues.

Irregular sleeping habits will cause the problem of more sleeping and keep the pet tired all day long.

It will suddenly start sleeping inside and outside the home. Let’s explore some sleeping related health issues of a Chow Chow.

Health issues

Autoimmune Thyroiditis can be caused due to irregular or more sleep. According to dog clubs and experts, it will create thyroid disorders that are major health issues for pets.

Excessive sleep will create serious joint pain for your pet. When sleeping for long hours, the dog won’t move for a long period. It can create elbow and hip dysplasia. With this joint pain, the pet doesn’t want to move or play.

Dog Flu is the result of excessive sleep. Like a human being, a dog can be affected by the flu. It happens because an unusual lifestyle affects the immune system.

Overweight is one of the significant health issues caused by much sleeping. It is challenging to keep your Chow Chow fit for the whole life. Your Chow will get overweight without taking too much food.

When it exercises less and reduces the day to day activity, it will get a heavyweight. This extra weight puts more stress, and again your Chow will sleep much more.

They Will Be Boring

Due to the sleeping lap and more hours of inactivity, a Chow will become boring. As we discussed, Chows are the most playful and loyal pet. But, excessive sleep will make them inactive and lazy.

You won’t get the active movement and gesture from the dog.

How to Get Your Chow Chow More Exciting?

How to Get Your Chow Chow More Exciting?
How to Get Your Chow Chow More Exciting?

After all, Chow Chow is an excellent family dog breed. You will have an exciting time with this Asian breed.

You can convert your Chow Chow into an exciting pet. To make them active and friendly, you have to do some specific practices. These steps will keep your Chow Chow active than other dog breeds.

Play Games with Them

Playing with your Chow Chow helps them to remain effective for the day. It keeps them healthy and fit for a long time.

Besides, playfulness enhances refreshment and increases blood circulation. It also assists in digesting food and spending calories.

Introduce Them New “Friends”

It is a part of socialization, and this practice enhances the activity to make them more exciting. If you introduce your Chow Chow dog to new friends, it will get a new company for better socialization.

The friend might be a dog or other animal or a man.


Chow Chow has a long history, and they like hunting by birth. This Chinese breed comes with exclusive hunting features. It will be a great decision to do some hunting practices with your Chow Chow. The dog will get an opportunity to stand out themselves by their inborn capability.

Walk with Them

Dogs like to explore new areas and walk more. If you consider the lifestyle of a dog, you will find that they move around the locality. So, a long-distance walk keeps your dog active and makes it exciting.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you got the reasons and explanation why Chow Chow sleeps a lot. This article provides you significant information about the sleeping lap and nature of a Chow Chow dog.

It’s your turn to make them exclusive and keep them healthy for the rest of their life. Besides, Chows have a bold personality with a protective attitude.

You should provide them with a proper environment for sleeping. At the same time, you must do the extracurricular activities with your pet.

A healthy pet will be your healthy companion.

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