Are Chow Chows Smart? Are They Easy to Train?

If you are looking for a smart dog as an intelligent partner, Chow Chows have some real personality.

The definition of a smart dog might be different for individuals. But, there are unique features that will make your Chows smarter.

Besides, Chow Chow is the oldest dog breed and has a good reputation as a family breed with a bold personality.

The temperament of a Chow Chow is difficult to maintain, proper training makes it easier even for new owners.

In this writing, we present the ideas and measurements about a dog’s smartness and compare these features with Chow Chow. It will help us to understand the personality of Chows.

Similarly, it will help dog enthusiasts to train a Chow Chow with realistic expectations. Let’s get started.

How to Tell If a Dog Is Smart?

How to Tell If a Dog Is Smart?
How to Tell If a Dog Is Smart?

Smart owners keep smart pets. Yes, That’s it!

Dogs are smarter than other pets for many reasons. Some of their inborn features include them in the list of smart and intelligent animals.

However, you can not figure out the smartness of your dog with specific criteria. You have to go beyond the traditional ideas and explore more about the breed.

The most significant feature of a smart dog is its loyalty and personality. A loyal dog with a dynamic personality can do everything that you expect. 

It will obey your commands and remember them for future practices. A smart dog is also intelligent. It will solve your problem and protect you from threats. 

While discussing smartness, you can’t ignore its consciousness and guard activity. Dogs have a protective personality by birth, and you can expect it from any breed. 

Playfulness and attentiveness are the effective characteristics of a smart dog.

However, these are the most common features that a smart dog should have. You can expect more from your pet if you provide any specific training for an extra activity.

Let’s drive to the next paragraph because you will reveal the ultimate tips to make your Chows an impressive dog.

How Smart Chow Chows Are?

How Smart Chow Chows Are?
How Smart Chow Chows Are?

Chows are independent and smart dogs that gained a positive attitude historically. So, when measuring the smartness of a Chow, we mark Chows as smart dogs. Despite smartness, you will explore different things about their attitude.

Some breeders and owners find Chows aggressive for their protective attitude. It’s not a major issue but a result of improper training.

So, you can not indicate this aggressiveness in the list of shortcomings. However, this characteristic is the proven output of their smartness. A dog without a protective mind can not become a smart pet.

In short, you can say that Chows are smart enough with their personality and instinct characteristics. Chow’s instinctive nature, strength, and intelligence are examples of smartness.

They are friendly and loyal with few people, especially maters and family members. It is an example of loyalty, and you know loyalty makes a pet smarter than other animals.

Chows are smart dogs that have a good reputation and inborn personality to increase your pet’s enthusiasm.

Do Chow Chows Like to Play with Humans?

Chow Chows Like to Play with Humans
Chow Chows Like to Play with Humans

Chows will play with you. In other words, you will like the playfulness of Chows. Owners love its playful mind, and this breed can change your mind.

If you are planning to keep a Chow with your family, you will get the best friend for your family members.

When Chows grow, and during the adult age, they will have plenty of fun with adults and kids. It is their instinct and will remain for the rest of their life.

With human beings, they can establish a reliable and friendly relationship. Thousands of years have passed, and Chows got a reputation for its human-friendly attitude.

Some owners find them protective against unknown people, and it is not a bad attitude for a guard dog like Chows.

So, Chows are playful and like the company of human beings. This breed will love everything that a human being can do.

How Easy It is to Train Chow Chows?

Train Chow Chows
Train Chow Chows

As we discussed, Chow dogs come with independent nature, and It is not easy to train them. The socialization process should be provided properly.

You know that Chows are family dogs with a good reputation. But, breeders and owners claim that the protective nature of Chows makes it harder to train them.

A dog can not easily understand the command and expectation of human beings. If you want to make them loyal, you have to select the best way for training.

Besides, getting started is the most important thing when providing training to your Chows. You can not expect more from the beginning. As you provide excellent guidance, you will get outstanding output.

You can divide the training period into several parts. Let the dog do something that is easy to learn. For instance, play with the Chow and repeat the practice for a few days.

Remember, it is a combined process of several things. If you concentrate on specific things of the training, you will get the expected behavior from the Chows easily. It is not hard if you follow the steps properly.

At What Age Should You Train Your Chow Chows?

At What Age Should You Train Your Chow Chows?
At What Age Should You Train Your Chow Chows?

The training period should be divided into several parts to make the time effective. If you don’t know the capability of the dog and the time frame of learning, it will be difficult to provide proper training. 

For every dog, grooming and starting sessions are significant to get an outstanding output at the end. You have to train your Chows in an effective way to ensure its socialization.

The early-stage starts from 0 to 18 months, and it is significant for making them stable enough for the next few months. Your puppy needs care and mother care to survive in the next few months. It is an indirect part of the training that provides strengths to the puppy. 

The intermediate stage is the most effective part of the training period. During this time, they learn everything like a child. 

The intermediate stage starts at 18 months and remains for 36 months. You can teach and practice everything with your Chow during this time.

The adult stage begins at the age of 4, and your Chow Chow dog is ready for the rest of the life. You can expect the day to day activities from this adult Chow. 

So, there is no fixed age for training a Chow Chow breed. The socialization process is divided into several parts of its life.

How Will Your Chow Chows Be Trained?

How Will Your Chow Chows Be Trained?
How Will Your Chow Chows Be Trained?

The most loyal Chow Chow dog can be trained in several ways. You can train this family breed by yourself or hire a professional trainer for the coaching staff.

Besides, dog training centers and clubs are also reliable sources for Chow Chow training. But, if you adopt a dog, you can train it by yourself. It will be more effective than a third party training center because you know better about your expectations.

In the next paragraphs, we reveal the training method along with some steps to ensure proper training for your Chows. Let’s explore. 

Can You Train Your Chows By Yourself? What Do You Need?

Yes, you can train Chows by yourself. It is not necessary to hire a professional or keep your dog to training clubs. Home alone training is an effective way to teach your puppy.

Furthermore, there are several advantages to training a Chow Chow by yourself. It will be easier to make the puppy social. You get more opportunities to teach everything that you like.

You can practice the habits with your Chows more effectively at home. The pet will get closer to you for day to day activities.

Here are some devices that will help you provide home-alone training for your Chow Chow.

  • Doorbells
  • Waist Belt
  • Treat Pouch
  • Waste Bag
  • Dog Disc
  • Chewing Toy
  • Whistle
  • Clicker
  • Leash
  • 4 Bones
  • Dog pad

These are the most essential elements to train your Chow Chow by yourself. You can take another element or a combined dog training kit.

However, the elements are different according to their needs, and you have to keep everything safe and secure.

Don’t worry! You can do it, and your Chow will give you the best company.

Chow Chows Training Steps

After successful research, we find some steps that will make the training period effective and easier. 

Obedience Training 

At the age of 8 weeks, your puppy needs obedience training, and you should start it as soon as possible. You will explore that a Chow is brilliant enough to learn new things quickly. This period includes some initial activities for your puppy. 

Heel walk is the first step that will make your dog obedient. During this time, the Chow will walk to heel and follow you. 

The down command is the next step that enables your Chow to come back from a small distance place.

Furthermore, sitting training helps your dog to understand the situation and command when you will call it to take place beside you.

Finally, there is the come back command. That helps your dog to return to the place after completing a command.

Puppy Training

Successful pet owners should keep a dog that has a successful puppy training course. There are numerous parts of this training period. Let’s see the steps of the puppy training course.

Toilet training enables the pet to learn the easiest way to do this daily task. It will keep your home and car clean. 

Biting training helps you to stop mouthing the activity of your dog. You have to teach this step because nobody wants to get a hard bite from the pet.

Aggression and jumping training creates the opportunity to reduce aggressiveness and bad temperament.

Socialization Training

Your pet is part of our society. Socialization training enables a pet to explore the social activity when living with family. 

This training includes stopping lead pulling, lunging, and barking at other dogs. Similarly, it will help you to stop the jumping behavior and aggressiveness.

Notes About Chow Chows Training

Chows are quick learners. After starting the training, you will explore the learning ability of this pet. This breed can learn everything, and you can train them in the most common attitudes very easily.

Loyalty enables this dog breed to follow the command of its master. Extreme loyalty helps you to command and teach every stem in a hassle-free way. However, dog training is full of fun facts. 

Besides, a proactive attitude is the inborn characteristic of this dog breed. You can use this positive and independent behavior to make them social. 

So, you can start the training period with these facts. It will provide you the easiest way to convert the Chow as a family dog.

Best Training Course for Your Chows in the US

Best Training Course for Your Chows in the US
Best Training Course for Your Chows in the US

As we discovered the popularity of this dog breed around the world. Dog training schools and clubs offer different training courses for Chow Chow.

You will find a variety of training courses in the US that are specially designed for Chow Chow. Here are the top 8 courses in the US.

You can select the most effective one from the above list. If you don’t want to admit your Chow in the school, you have to learn the course and train the puppy by yourself.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion. Chows are smart family dogs, and it has a bold personality. New and old pet owners can enjoy their time with this lovely and dynamic pet.

Many online and offline training courses are available. It is better to attend a dog school to teach socialization and make them a family dog.

If you are an extreme Chow Chow lover, you will find the pet easy to control and enjoy its playfulness. It is important to ensure inborn activity if you want to keep your dog smart.

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