Are Chow Chows Aggressive? 04 Tips to Train Chows to be Family Dogs

Chows are the most loyal and playful dog breed in the world. This asian dog breed became famous as a family dog.

But, dog enthusiasts have a bad intention regarding Chows because of their aggressive attitude.

Besides, if you are willing to get a Chow as a family dog, you might ask are Chow Chows aggressive?

Though Chows have an aggressive attitude and personality, it can be turned into a loyal family dog with perfect training.

In this writing, you will find clear guidance about Chow’s aggressiveness and 4 tips to make your Chow Chow a family dog. Let’s get started.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive?

Chow chow do not aggressive so often, they are protective personality
Chow chow do not aggressive so often, they are protective personality

The direct answer to this question is no. Sometimes, you will notice the aggressiveness of Chow. What you are saying is aggressive, we found it as their protective personality. It is Chow’s instinct to behave protectively.

Besides, you can train Chows to make a perfect family dog. So, you can not say that Chows are aggressive rather they are independent.

This encouraging behavior makes Chows independent and provides a rotten temperament. Chows are smart, protective, and picky. You will find loyalty and playfulness despite aggressiveness.

You have to remember some matters when living with a Chow Chow. They are stubborn and have an aggressive mentality towards other animals.

To avoid its aggressive modes, you have to control it with your leadership during the beginning days.

Teach your Chow that they are going to live with a family. You will get the ultimate results.

Do Chow Chows Bite Their Owners or Babies

All dogs bite. Chow Chow can bite its owner and kids before the training period. It is their instinct to eat and protect themselves. Training is necessary to make your Chows socialized.

Different dogs have different personalities, and Chows are not exceptional. Though it is a loyal and family dog, you can not ignore its bite without proper training.

It is better to consider the situation when Chows bite. For instance, your Chow is hungry, and it is looking for food. At this time, your kids gather with food near the Chow. It is not impossible to act like a hunter for food.

It is important to consider everything that has a connection to the pet when living with a Chow.

Proper training and care prevent the possibility of a bite. Your Chow will learn the fact of not to bite.

So, provide the training for everything acceptable to you.

Why Do Chow Chows Aggressive?

The reason behind their aggressiveness is not clear, and you will get some ideas when considering their personality. Let’s explore more.

Chows are independent. Yes, it is the most important fact that is why Chows are aggressive. They feel happy alone, and you will find them a perfect decision-maker for their own. Chows will work, sleep, and play according to their wish. If you force, they will protect you.

They don’t like much noise. Chows are quiet, and they prefer calm surroundings with less noise. The aggressiveness can be enhanced due to loudness. You will find them simple and peaceful minded. Sometimes they create and feel the noise. 

But, Chows do it only for necessary times. If they see something different or an intruder, they will make a sound.

Extreme Loyalty is one of the reasons for aggressiveness. They only like their master and can be aggressive to other people, even other animals. You will find them smart, protective, and active with the master.

Do Chows Make Good Family Dogs?

chow chow make good family dogs
chow chow make good family dogs

Yes, Chows are good family dogs with extreme loyalty, calm character, beautiful looks.

But, if you are a first-time dog owner, Chow Chows are not perfect for you. Their personality and aggression won’t give you a happy moment. If you can train them properly, they are the best family dogs around the world.

The upbringing process of Chows is a little bit complicated. This dog is perfect for experienced pet owners. However, if you can provide a lot of effort and proper training, Chows will be the best family dog.

You can study the nature and socialization process of the pet before getting your first Chow Chow breed. It will help you to understand the characteristics and personality of this dog.

In the next section, we will present some tips to make your Chow a good family dog.

4 Tips To Train Chow Chows Become A Good Family Pets

If you already own a Chow Chow dog or going to get a Chow Chow breed shortly, you follow these four tips to make your Chow a good family dog.

We make this list after dept research and direct interaction with Chow Chow owners and breeders.

Besides, we explore the experience of a new owner and an old one with a survey. All the time, we ensure that you can get the most loyal family dog if you select Chows. Let’s learn more.

Run a Socialization Process

Do you think that dog is the most social animal? Yes, it is possible to make a dog social with other people easily. This pet can acquire socializing processes quickly.

If you go correctly, your Chow Chow will be a good family without much effort.

Besides, Chows will get different manners from people from their young age.

Another important part of socialization is maintaining its behavior with other people and animals. So, try to change their behavior effectively.

Love Them from Heart

Chows will respect your command if you love them a lot. This Chinese breed likes to get love all the time. It is an instinct to get attention from the people, especially from the master.

Remember, a neglected puppy will never become a good family pet. If you provide them proper care and love, they will follow the rules and disciplines.

So, if you provide love and respect, they will be your great companion.

Help Them to Explore New Environment

A new environment helps your Chow to learn new things. It is one of the most effective processes for socializing a dog.

You can use a gathering or open place to reveal new surroundings to Chows. It will make the dog comfortable with strangers, and the pet will get new experiences.

It is suggested to provide the best positive experiences for the best results.

Train the Things that You Like Much

You should provide training depending on your personality and the condition of the family.

Most probably, train your dog with the things that you like most. Chows are loyal to their master and always follow instructions.

This dog will follow your command properly to make your days happy. Just keep it on track and provide a guideline.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Chows are not aggressive, and you can make them a good family dog. This loyal breed is famous for its playfulness, loyalty, and protective attitude.

If you provide proper training and keep them happy, they will follow your instructions in any situation.

The upbringing is a little bit difficult, but you will get them as a perfect pet for the whole life. Love them, care for them, and enjoy the peace of getting a calm pet like Chow Chow dog.

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