Why Do Chow Chows Look Like Bears? Not Only Chows 08 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears

Do you want to get a bear as your family pet? It’s ideally not possible because of the characteristics of a bear and the government’s restrictions.

But, it’s good to hear that you can get a dog breed that looks like a bear. Yes, it is probable, and several dog breeds have faces and bodies like bears.

The old small Asian dog breed Chow Chow is similar to bear in different aspects. Especially the body hair and the bear-like mane.

Not only Chow Chows but also other dog breeds have similarities with bears.

In this writing, we present the reason why Chow Chows look like bears and try to explore other dog breeds with similar looks. Let’s get started. 

Chow Chows Look Like Bears?

Do Chow Chows Look Like Bears?
Do Chow Chows Look Like Bears?

Chow Chow is an Asian dog breed known as a family pet around the world. This Chinese breed has more interesting facts, and pet lovers find its face similar to a bear.

Do you have a teddy bear? Yes.

You can compare the Chow Chows with a teddy bear for its beautiful hair and face cutting. It has a realistic outlook with innocent modes and gestures.

The Chows will give you a feel of a bear at home with its fantastic characteristics. Instead of a lion-like aggressive dog breed, Chows are friendly and calm.

By comparing the softness and warmth, you can consider a Chow Chow with a bear. It looks like a bear.

Do Chows Related to Bears?

Sometimes, dog breeders claim that Chow Chow was derived from bears. They also state that Chows look like a bear. We are not sure where they found this discussion.

But, there are some similarities to bear based on the face cutting and hairstyle. It can’t make a strong argument regarding the statement.

However, you can entirely ignore this statement or see your Chow Chow with the looks of a bear. It’s up to you.

The truth is that Chows were derived from China and have a long history as a family dog breed.

So, the news regarding the similarities of Chows is not authentic. But, Chow Chow lovers found that their dogs are similar to bears as excessive pet lovers.

Are Chow Chows Aggressive Like Bears?

Are Chow Chows Aggressive Like Bears?
Are Chow Chows Aggressive Like Bears?

Chow Chows are aggressive as their protective personality, and they have a dominant mentality when meeting other dogs or animals. You can address this behavior as protective for its dominant personality.

You will find an instinct of aggressiveness at a young age. This aggressive mentality comes from territorial living habits, and you can control it by providing proper training.

However, Chow Chows are the best family dogs, but they look more aggressive than they are. It can be your excellent companion if you train this small dog perfectly.

08 Dog Breeds That Look Like a Bear

You will find several dog breeds that look like a bear. In this section, you are going to discover the 8 dog breeds that look like a bear, including Chow Chow.

We compare the size, weight, and body shape to understand their looks perfectly. Besides, we also consider the characteristics of these breeds. Let’s explore more.

Chow Chow

Chow is an Asian small-sized dog breed that originated from China. It has a bear like-mane and different colors with an attractive look.

These dogs are considered the best family dogs for their loyalty and playfulness.

Chow Chows have an average height of 17 to 20 inches with 40 to 70 pounds weight. However, the weight depends on the growth and food habits. They have an average lifespan of more than 15 years.

You have to spend a minimum of $900 to get a quality Chow Chow breed.

Chows are loyal and protective of other animals. You will find an independent, smart, and playful dog if you select this breed that looks like a bear.

Tibetan Mastiff

Next, we have a bear-like dog named Tibetan Mastiff. This breed originated in China and has an excellent mane.

With their gigantic size and a cool temperament, they are fantastic for authenticity. You can get different colors and coats for this medium-sized dog, including black, red, blue, and brown.

Besides, the size and weight are perfect for family pets. It has an average height of 26 inches along with 75 pounds weight.

If you consider nature, they are intelligent, active, and protective.

Loyalty is their inborn attitude. You can use them as excellent guard dogs. The life expectancy of a Tibetan Mastiff is more than $15 years.

To get this loyal dog breed you have to spend $1500 to $5000 on average.

Maremma Sheepdog

It is an Italian dog breed that comes with a big size and white coat. The size and attractive coat turn it into looks like a bear.

Though it is a big dog, the Maremma Sheepdog has a good reputation for alertness, loyalty, and friendly behaviors.

You can select this breed for family and kids. But, these dogs are suitable for cities, and it is hard to control them in rural areas.

The lifespan of this family dog is around 13 years. They have very rare health cases and are perfect for a long lifespan. The cost for this bear-like dog breed is around $1500 to $2500.


If you are searching for a dog that almost looks like a teddy bear, Pomeranian is the perfect family dog with bear-like looks. It has multiple colors, including white, black, brown, orange, and grey.

This small dog is ideal for families and suitable for small apartments. If you are worried about the aggressive mood of a dog, these dogs are playful, easy to control, and smart.  Your kids will get a friendly pet for regular activities.

The price range of this bear-like dog is $500 to $1500. It has a lifespan from 12 to 16 years.


Samoyed is a Russian dog breed with a polar bear-like look. They have an excellent coat and outlook with the white coat.

They come in big sizes, and the lifespan of Samoyed is more than 13 years on average. However, they are friendly, alert, loyal, and social.

With an average height of 50 to 60 pounds, these dogs are healthy enough for hard work and long time survival.

The price is affordable, and you have to spend $600 to $1500 to get this excellent dog breed.

One important matter is to consider that they are expensive and the monthly cost is more than other breeds.


Next, we have a bear-like dog that originated from Germany. This breed has multiple colors, including black, silver, black, and red. It is a medium-sized dog breed with an attractive look.

The height of this dog is around 20 to 24 inches. Besides, it has an average weight of about 40 to 70 pounds.

The lifespan of this German dog is 12 to 14 years, and they are healthy and strong.

You will find them smart, active, but calm. You can use them as a guard dog. The price of a Eurasian dog starts from 4800 to $1000.


Keeshond is a dog that has a bear-like style and originated from the Netherlands. You will like the big coat of this dog with different colors, including silver, grey, black, and cream.

This dog has playful characteristics with quickness and alertness. Loyalty is one of the most important characters that make it a perfect family dog.

A healthy Keeshond has a life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. However, there are certain health issues with this breed.

Besides, it is an expensive dog breed, and you have to spend around $1000 to $4000 for a puppy.


Finally, we have a big bear-like breed named Poochon. It is friendly and loyal along with an attractive personality.

This is a cross and mixed breed. You can compare this breed to a curly bear. The dog has multiple colors, and a creamy coat will give you more satisfaction.

You can keep this cute puppy in an apartment size building easily. It will be your great companion and protect your family as a guard.

The life expectancy of this large dog is more than 15 years. It has no serious health issues.

However, it is not affordable in price.You have to pay between $500 to $100 to get a Poochon breed.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it can be said that several dogs in the world look like bears. Chow Chows are the oldest breed and remain a family dog for its loyalty and playful nature.

If you want to get a breed that is loyal and similar to bear, you can adopt a Chow Chow or buy from a professional breeder.

However, it is suggested to compare the monthly cost and health issues before purchasing any dog breed.

If you don’t have prior knowledge of selecting a family dog breed, you can search for more information on this website.

We present the most useful news regarding dog breeds and their characteristics.

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