How Much Do Chow Chows Cost? Chow Chow Prices Insight

Getting a Chow Chow dog breed can be a great choice for your personality and family. Before starting your plan, you should initial a cost chart to consider the budget for your new pet.

So, how much do Chow Chows cost? The question is significant and related to several things about these small dog breeds.

The Chow Chow price can be as low as $700, and sometimes you have to pay more than $6000 depending on the color and availability. However, you can’t get a quality Chow Chow for less than $900.

If you are near to getting a Chow Chow dog, this writing will help you a lot.

In this article, we present the monthly costs of a Chow Chow, including buying guides. Let’s get started.

How Much Do Chow Chows Cost?

Chows can have five colors depending on their breed variety. These are black, blue, white, cream, and red.

We do depth research to find the price for each color. It will help you to estimate the budget for your favorite puppy.

The price of a black Chow Chow is approximately $900, and it will cost you $90 per month for grooming and take care. This small dog has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. That means it will cost you more than $11000 for the whole life.

The price of a blue, cream or red is almost the same as the black one. The white color is only exceptional, and it will cost you more than $3000. Besides, the maintenance cost is the same for all the varieties.

So, the average cost of a Chow Chow is more than $11000. It depends on the place, variety, and club membership.

What Is The Most Expensive Chow Color? How Rare Is It?

White is the most expensive and rare Chow Chow color. It is difficult to find a pure white Chow Chow.

If you find a white Chow Chow breed, you have to pay more than $3000 for its initial cost. Besides, maintenance and other costs are available.

In the name of white Chow, you will find Chows with white shade or short white coat. So, it is very tough to get a white  Chow.

What Are the Initial Expenses to Own a Chow?

What Are the Initial Expenses to Own a Chow?
What Are the Initial Expenses to Own a Chow?

If you have already decided to get a Chow Chow breed and wait for the happy moment, you need detailed information about the Chow’s expenses.

Now, you have to prepare and purchase the necessary things for this puppy. The pet will get a new life at your home, and you should ensure it’s a better life.

So, let’s explore the expenses for keeping a Chow Chow dog.


Chows have a small body, and for this reason, they are not heavy eaters. It will save your monthly costs for dog food.

However, they eat less food than a commercial dog breed, but you have to provide quality foods for them.  Your approximate cost for food will be $40 to $60 per month.

Dog beds

A dog bed enables you to keep the pet in comfort, and it will get proper accommodation. Without a comfortable bed, the Chow might get a risk of diseases.

Besides, a proper bed will enhance the growth and sound sleep. The price of quality dog beds is around $30 – $50.

Dog Crate 

A dog crate is an essential thing for your Chow Chow. It will ensure proper safety and sleep. The average price of a dog crate is about $90 -$250.


The collar contains the identity of your dog. It will also enhance the safety and protect the dog from theft. Depending on the size of the dog, you need different types of collars. A quality collar is about $9 -$20.


A leash is the most effective initial device for a dog. It is a long thin chain that can be attached to the collar. A leash will enable you to take control of your dog in public places. You have to spend $15 to $30 for a quality leash.


A variety of toys accompanies your pet. You can buy different types of toys, including balls, chewing devices, and more.

It will protect your furniture and other things at home. Besides, toys are essential for the grooming session.

The primary cost for toys is $20 to $100.

Training Pads and poop bags

Training pads will save your carpet cleaning cost and protect the potty of the pet. It will enable you to make them used to a specific place.  The price of a training pad is between $10-$15, depending on the size.

Besides, poop bags will be your helping hand when your pet needs to go potty. It will cost around $5, depending on the quality.


A brush will help you to keep the pet clean along with the body. Body hair is a major problem for pets. A high-quality pet brush costs around $16- $30.

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Cleaning your dog only with water will bring nothing. Dog shampoo and conditioner helps you to provide a healthy wash. The price of these materials is around $40 to $60.


The price of a water and food bowl is around $10-$35.

Carpet Cleaner

Sometimes, you have to face a toilet accident for your pet. A carpet cleaner takes about $10 as an initial cost.

Veterinarian Visit

An initial veterinary visit will cost you more than $100. Depending on the condition of your pet, it might be increased up to $300 or $400.


Vaccination is the most significant part of a pet’s primary treatment. In general, vaccination costs more than $100.

Flea treatment

This treatment will cost you around $12-$15.

Dog License

It depends on the state where you live and the policy of your country. A lifetime dog license needs $10 to $20 with an annual renewal fee.

Name Tag

A tag with a name and phone number helps you to find the dog easily. It will cost you $15.


Chow Chows require a regular haircut for their hairy body. You have to pay more than $60 to $240 for a beautiful haircut.

Here is a chart for the initial expenses of a Chow Chow dog:

Items Cost
Food$40 to $60
Dog beds$50 to $1000
Dog crates$250
Collar$20 to $30
Leash$15 to $30
Toys$20 to $100
Training pads$30 to $45
Shampoo and conditioner$60
Carpet Cleaner$10
Primary treatment $300 to $400
Flea treatment $15 to $40
License$10 to $20
Name tag$15
Haircut$60 to $240
Initial Costs to Own a Chow (2021)

Monthly Cost to Spend on a Chow

How much will you spend monthly for your chow?

There will be a monthly cost for a Chow Chow dog. The initial expenses are one-time costs after getting the pet.

But, you have to pay for the monthly maintenance cost when bringing a dog. We found these average costs after discussing Chow Chow owners.

On average, you will need to spend around $415 to $485 a month for a chow as a family dog. The most expensive cost is Ear and Dental Treatment, which is can cost more than $100.

It will help you as a new pet owner to estimate the expenses for each month. Let’s explore the average monthly costs. 

Item nameCosts 
Food$40 to $60
Grooming $120
Flea treatment $15 to $40
Deworming$20 to $30
Miscellaneous Supplies$45 to $60
Shampoo and Conditioner$60
Ear and Dental Treatment$100
Total $415 to $485

Besides, if you travel with the Chow Chow, the cost will be increased, including additional maintenance fees.

You have to pay for the dog in some places, and you need extra food for a long tour. So, make a monthly plan and purchase all the items from a trusted source that offers the best price.

Where Do You Buy a Chow?

Chow Chows are available across the universe. In the United States, you can get a Chow Chow breed from several sources. Let’s see the potential and trustworthy sources.

Getting From Dog Rescue Organizations

Dog Rescue groups are reliable sources for Chow Chow dogs. It is a good source because many Chows turned over to Rescue organizations for health problems.

Adopt From Public Animal Shelters

Chow Chows can be found in Public Animal Shelters, and the authority tries to rescue these dogs. They try to find a potential shelter for Chow Chow. If you are willing to keep a puppy, you can ask them about getting a puppy.

Purchase from a Dog Breeder

You can get a Chow Chow breed from a professional dog breeder. While buying a Chow from a breeder, you have to consider several things about the seller. A professional breeder must-have safety certification and registration.

Besides, ask for the price and compare it with other sellers. You can also buy a breed from people who produce the Chow Chow breed.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, a Chow Chow breed is not expensive, but the maintenance will cost you more than any other breed.

It is suggested to calculate the cost before getting your first Chow Chow. Without proper food and accommodation, it is not possible to make them good family dogs.

However, the initial cost can be reduced, if you find a trusted source where the Chow is maintained properly.

You have to know all the ways to keep your Chows safe and secure. It makes the pet playful and easy to control.

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