Why Do Chows Have a Bad Reputation?

Chow is a small Asian breed that has a good reputation for loyalty and playfulness. Your fun time with this pet can be excellent because of its small and beautiful size.

While considering the fun facts, pet lovers can ask why do Chows have a bad reputation? Is it true or a misconception?

Regarding these questions, we have the best answers to provide you the exact facts about this Asian dog breed.

If you don’t know the exact characteristics of a pet, it is slightly hard to maintain it. So, you have to learn everything before going to select a dog breed.

Chows are the best dogs that have a positive impression among pet lovers. But, this writing is to make everything clear about their bad reputations. Let’s get started.

Do Chows Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Do Chows Have Such a Bad Reputation?
Do Chows Have Such a Bad Reputation?

Have you ever found a pet with all the good reputations? Even human beings exist in the world with good and bad reputations.

So, how do you expect that Chows have everything good? Yes, Chows have few bad reputations. But, the hope is that you can recover it over a socialized training and friendly manner.

Did you know dogs are the most loyal pet in the world? Yes.

Then you should know that they require proper socialization as a pet. If you don’t want to make Chows a pet, that’s a different thing.

So, what’s good and bad with this small and loyal breed?

The good thing is that they are small-sized, calm, and a perfect watchdog. The small size will enable you to take care and carry it with you at any place. It will be a fun fact for the whole family to spend time with such an ideal dog.

Then, Chows are calm and that makes them more loyal to adults and kids. However, loyalty comes from proper training and what you have taught them.

Furthermore, Chows are perfect for the guard as a watchdog. You can use them to keep the home secure without a close circuit camera. But, they are also friendly to strangers.

So, let’s come to the point. What is a bad reputation?

The common bad reputations claimed by pet lovers are super seriousness, aggression, and regular brushing.

If you treat super seriousness as a bad reputation, we want to give it up and ask you to decide what is right about the idea.

Besides, aggression is not a friendly thing for a pet. It should be marked as a bad reputation.

Finally, regular brushing is part of caring. If you are not willing to care for your pet, you can not get a friendly time with a Chow. It is completely wrong to mark it as a bad reputation.

Now, it’s up to you to decide that Do Chows have such a bad reputation or not. In the next paragraph, we will make it more clear.

Do Chows Being Banned Because of Its Bad Reputation?

Chows are not banned, they are the most famous breed among dog breeds
Chows are not banned, they are the most famous breed among dog breeds

No, Chows are the most famous breed for the pet lovers around the world.

Do you want to ban a small dog breed for a few bad impressions that are temporary? No.

Then, you can not ignore Chows as a loyal and friendly breed. It will be your attention seeker for a long time.

As we discussed, some pet lovers mentioned their early grooming and socialization problem as  a bad reputation.

However, you can ignore them and make them the best pet for your personal and family time.

Chows are indeed aggressive and it might affect the loveliness.

But, the question is have you ever seen a dog without aggressiveness? No.

There is no dog without aggressive mode and it can be marked as an inborn characteristic for Chows.

It is not a solution to ban a breed for some limitations. Either you can provide proper training and maintenance to make them social, friendly, and playful.

If you are a pet lover and have prior knowledge regarding the normal characteristics of a dog breed, it will be a common issue to you.

So, it is not right that Chows are being banned for their bad reputations. They exist as the best dog breed around the world.

However, a few bad reputations are available that can be solved with proper training and socialization. 

Why Do Chows Have a Bad Reputation?

Now, we present some exact reasons behind the bad reputation of Chows. 

Do you have any idea? What’s wrong with them? No. 

Then let’s drive to the main point to find out proven and significant facts about Chows.

Befores discovering the facts, you have to remember that you are going to deal with the fats of  an animal, not a human being. 

Let; have some positive and compromising ideas to keep them connected with their good reputation too. Otherwise, you will see everything on a predetermined scale.

Another important update is that we have collected these facts after reviewing hundreds of Chows and their owners.

By reviewing the real facts from trusted sources , we make the most accurate presentation to deliver you the right information.

Frightened with Strangers

The most common issue is that they are unpredictable with strangers. It means that you can not get them alone. Chows will attack the stranger quickly.

So, this aggressive behavior makes a bad reputation about Chows.

However, it applies to all the breeds of the world and Chows has this mentality too.

Super Seriousness

Did you like the super seriousness of your pet? No.

Then Chows will get a bad reputation from you in the future. This breed is known for their stubborn and super seriousness.

You might have to spend more time making social for the next few months. Ideally, it is good for a family dog.

Let’s have more fun with this bad reputation and turn it to a good thing.

Aggressive with Other Animals

Chows have a bad reputation because of their aggressive attitude with other animals because of its protective personality.

If you have one or more dogs or other pets, you will face difficulty for the Chow. This dog doesn’t want to take the company of other animals at home.

Need Excessive Care

Maintaining a pet is almost like your pet. They need proper care and attention for a good reputation. 

But, what do you do with a pet that requires excessive care? You will mark them as a bad pet.

The same thing happens with Chows all over the world. Yes, it’s right. 

Do Chows Make Good Family Pets?

chows are able to make good family dogs
chows are able to make good family dogs

Getting a Chow Chow at your family will be an awesome moment in your life. They are known for their loyalty, playfulness, and kids friendly behavior.

Chow is a guard dog, but they can be turned into a good family breed with proper socialization. Yes, people are doing this for several years.

A Chow has an extreme level of patience, and you will get a protective dog for the family. Again it is important to provide proper training.

If you don’t provide perfect training, they can be aggressive and frightened to strangers.

Can you imagine a dog that is friendly with kids? Yes.

Chows have a good reputation for naturally suited kids’ friendliness. Your children will be safe at home without any risk.

They will get a great partner for their leisure time even when they are alone at home.

Comparing all the factors, Chows are good family pets with best practices of loyalty and protectiveness.

Can You Train a Chow to Be a Family Dog?

Yes, you can train a Chow to be a family dog. It is the breed that has a good reputation to become the best family pet.

As a pet lover, you can train it to the most common things of a family dog. This dog is loyal enough for maintaining your guidance after acquiring them.

Besides, the Chows are quick learners for new things and can adapt to new environments within a few days.

It is important to remember that you might face difficulty during the first part of the training. It is not fair to treat it as aggressive upon the first step.

You have to observe their behavior to provide the proper grooming for the best output. If you pass every step carefully, it will be easier to maintain this family breed.

However, you might have questions about the attitude of Chows with kids. In this case, don’t try to meet your kids during the training period.

Without these facts, Chows are perfect as a family dog, and you will enjoy the time with this royal breed.

Wrapping Up

Finally, it can be said that Chows are the family dog, and you can keep them for loyalty, playfulness, and small size.

It indeed has some bad reputation all over the world. But, most of the reputations are marked by individuals from a specific incident. That means it is not a matter of research and authenticity.

Chows remain in the universe as the best dog breed and beautiful attitude.

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