How Big Do Chows Get? Size and Growth Chart

Several factors are related to the growth of Chows. Pet lovers can not mention the exact size of the Chows until they have a proper understanding.

So, How Big Do Chows Get? A clear and reliable way to know the actual size is to compare the growth of the Chow.

Have you ever considered and compared the size of your Chow with age and time?

An adult Chow will get a height of 17 to 20 inches on average, and there are other matters that you will discover in this article.

In this writing, we will present the factors along with a detailed chart to make it more clear. Besides, you will get a clear understanding regarding the growth of Chows.

How big do chows get?

How big do chows get?
How big do chows get?

Don’t be afraid of the size of a Chow. This small-sized pet will get different sizes at different stages.

Like kids, it can grow gradually with the passage of time. But, the actual size of an adult Chow is not bigger than a cat.

If you are worried about the actual size and growth of a Chow, you have to consider several things along with its age.

There might be a difference in the actual size depending on the food, environment, and place. But, it is an exceptional and rare thing for a Chow.

On the contrary, the growth can be slowed down due to the lack of care and food. It is important to provide proper care for all ages. Let’s explore more.

Baby chows size

Baby chow chow size
Baby chow chow size

Have you ever played with a baby chow? No.

Then you have missed the innocent fun time with this breed.

A baby chow is full of enjoyment, and you will feel like a living gamer with you.

Besides, the size is small, and it has a perfect physical structure. The height of a baby Chow can be 14 to 15 inches at the age of six months.

The male and female Chows have the same size when they are infants. If you consider the weight, they are only 9 to 42 pounds up to 6 months.

Juvenile chows size

How big do juvenile chow chow get?
Juvenile chows size

Like your juvenile age, a Chow will change due to the growth. In this time, you will see so many differences between them.

The size, weight, and characteristics will be changed over time. At the same time, they will become more friendly and loyal.

In this stage, they will get almost the same size as adult Chows. A juvenile Chow will get a height of 15 to 16 inches and a weight of 40 to 55 pounds.

Besides, there is not a huge difference between male and female Chows. The size of a juvenile Chow will attract you as a pet lover.

Adult chows size

Adult chow chow is a big dog
Adult chow chow is a big dog

Adult Chows are the symbol of power, dignity, and playfulness. Did you know the actual size of the Chows?

A male adult Chow has an average height of 17 to 20 inches with 45 to 70 pounds weight. Besides, female Chows grow up to 44 to 60 pounds with a height of 18 inches.

Fun fact: Somebody says that chow chow look like bears

Adult Chows have an aristocratic outlook with friendly behavior. They will provide you more fun at lonely times.

However, the Chows are friendly to strangers and other animals. You will love their loyalty.

The actual growth depends on several factors that we will discuss in the last part of this writing.

Chow chow growth rate

Chow chow growth rate
Chow chow growth rate

It is a major concern for pet lovers that what is the growth rate of Chow Chows. They want to know the actual size of an adult Chow when buying a breed.

But, it is difficult to say the actual growth rate of Chow Chow. It depends on several factors, including genetics.

You will notice the difference between the growth rate of male and female dogs. The actual size can vary depending on the environment and food habits.

Natural foods have more power than artificial capsules or dog digest. If you want to understand the growth rate, you have to measure the food and digestive activity of the Chow regularly.

How big will my chows get?

It completely depends on the take care and food habits of the Chows. As we mentioned in the above paragraph, that is difficult to say.

You can follow the below chart to get a primary idea about the growth of your Chows. In this chart, we present the age, length, and weight of the Chow.

This chart will help you to compare the age and size of the Chow with the growth rate.

Remember, you can not fix the growth rate of a pet. You can only get general ideas about their growth.

Chow chow growth chart

Age (months)Length (inches)Weight (pounds)
10 to 100 to 8
210 to 118 to 10
311 to 1310 to 12
412 to 1413 to 18
513 to 1517 to 19
614 to 1640 to 49
715 to 1744 to 54
8-916 to 1849 to 62
10-1216 to 1851 to 63
12+17 to 2053 to 68
Chow chow growth chart

So, this chart indicates the height and weight of the Chows in different ages. It is really helpful to pet lovers, and you can make a comparison between this chart and your Chow.

Please don’t completely rely on this chart. It is an approximate calculation, and we put all the information from a reliable source.

But, it is important to maintain proper nursing for small dogs like Chow Chow.

Factors that influence chows size and growth rate

What affects chow chow growth rate?
What affects chow chow growth rate?

Like other pets, Chows requires special treatment and care for proper growth. If you don’t provide the necessary supplement and maintain some factors, they will face the problem of undergrowth.

A suitable environment, food, and care are more mandatory for every stage of their life. This Asian breed also desires special attention.

In this section, we will discuss the most significant factors that are responsible for Chow’s growth. We got these facts after thorough research, and they are strongly related to growth. You can not ignore these things.

Let’s get started with these proven matters that can change the growth of Chows.


Sickness is the most common barrier to growth. It can be an obstacle for any pet, including Chows.

A Chow with sound health can grow faster and ideally. On the contrary, an unhealthy Chow can not grow at a standard rate.

Sickness not only slowed down the growth but also decreased the playfulness and activity of the Chow.

To ignore the influence of sickness, you have to treat the Chows properly and provide adequate health checkups every month.

It will help them to survive without any problem. However, Chow can get sick due to the lack of food and a good environment.

So, try to ensure healthy food and environment first.


As we declared earlier, there is a difference between the size of a male and female Chow. So, if you have a female Chow, you might notice that the growth is slower and less than the male one.

The structure and physical strength are also different for a male and female pet.

A muscular look and behavior are available in a male Chow, and the height is higher than the female member.

Like a cute girl, the female Chow has a beautiful look with less weight and strength.

However, it is not a factor that influences their growth. It is a biological difference between males and females.


Nutrition is the most powerful fact when thinking about growth. Do you have any idea about malnutrition?

A pet can get malnutrition due to an unexpected and forced diet plan. However, they can not speak for food. But, their hunger can not be controlled with a diet plan.

You can provide them with food with a long digestive system and processes. It will help them to grow properly and reduce the care schedule.

But, if you make an extreme plan with low nutrition, it will affect the growth even at the adult age. So, diet is a factor that can influence growth.


This is not a major factor that can affect the growth of the Chows. In general, pets are living with the master and family under the same roof.

On the contrary, a small dog likes Chow Chow will be your great companion at home.

But, there is a minor matter about this thing. Without a perfect living place, a Chow will never grow at the standard rate.

A perfect house should have all the facilities and environment for this breed. So, a house with improper facilities and a bad environment can affect the growth of Chows. Provide the best housing environment for your pet.


Cultivation or farming inside the house can be a barrier for the growth of Chows. If you have a large number of other animals, then the Chows will never get proper environment and care.

Husbandry is an advantage for the home, but it can affect the normal lifestyle of the pet.

Pets are like children. They want to play on the spacious ground with their excitement.

Though Chows are friendly with other animals and strangers, there might be a chance to affect this unwanted situation.

So, for getting the genetic size avoid the husbandry things at home. 


It is the rarest case when considering the growth of Chows. Sometimes, it is noticed that their growth has been slowed down due to the genetic problem.

But, this Asian breed is ideal for playfulness, loyalty, and can survive in any situation.

The Genetic equation might decrease the rate of standard growth. It happens because of the changes to the characteristics of the breed over time.

So, this is an important thing while thinking about the growth of your pets. This fact can be ignored if you are conscious when selecting the breed. A perfect breed comes with ideal genetic characteristics.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you got the actual size of the Chows and factors that influence its growth. You can compare this information with your Chow to identify any problem or advantages.

Besides, take care of the pet regularly along with medical checkups. It will ensure that they are healthy and safe to live with you.

Don’t make a diet plan that is not authorized. Try to discuss with experts and get the best service for your lovely pet.

A perfect living method will grow your pet ideally without sickness and weakness. Let’s enjoy the pet time and ignore the lonely moments of your life.

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